A secure virtual hard drive, powered by the cloud.
New in 1.2.3
ARM64 Support
  • Native Execution
    • Runs natively on ARM64 devices. *
  • Apple Silicon Support
    • Runs on a Mac that has Apple Silicon via virtualization. **

* Native ARM64 support requires an ARM64 compatible processor and Windows 11 22H2 or newer. Native execution is available for the primary components. Some miscellaneous processes may be emulated.

** Requires a copy of Windows 11 or newer running in a virtualized environment such as Parallels Desktop for Mac.

Dark Mode
  • Multiple UI Themes
    • Light mode.
    • Dark mode.
    • High contrast mode.
  • Auto Mode
    • Automatically switches to the appropriate theme based on your system settings. *

* Automatic theme switching between light and dark modes is supported starting with Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, and newer.

Trust No One Full Drive Encryption
  • Full Round Trip Encryption
    • Your data gets encrypted instantly at the time that it's written to your cloud drive.
    • Your data remains fully encrypted until it gets read from your cloud drive.
    • Your data is never stored in an unencrypted form, either on your local hard drive or in the cloud.
  • Trust No One
    • Only you have the one and only key that can access your data.
    • No one can come to us and ask us to decrypt your data. The only person who can decrypt your data is you.
  • A Secure Algorithm
    • StableBit CloudDrive uses low level kernel-based encryption for maximum performance and for full round trip encryption support.
    • Industry standard AES-256 CBC is used to encrypt every bit of your data.
    • The Operating System's core services (Cryptography API: Next Generation) are used for all hashing and encryption functions in the kernel (FIPS 140-2 compliant).
Cloud Data Duplication
  • Full Drive Duplication
    • In order to protect your data from loss or corruption in the cloud, StableBit CloudDrive can store your data twice at the storage provider for redundancy.
  • Pinned Data Duplication
    • Duplicates the most critical parts of your cloud drive in order to protect them from loss or corruption in the cloud.
    • StableBit CloudDrive accomplishes this by analyzing the drive and filesystem layouts in order to isolate the most critical data structures such as the master file table and directory indexes. *
    • Does not incur the overhead of full drive drive duplication, yet still offers protection against data corruption for the drive's most critical data structures.
  • Online Self-healing
    • If damage to your drive does occur, StableBit CloudDrive will automatically heal your data in the cloud and restore data consistency without any user intervention, all while you continue to use your drive normally.

* Filesystem metadata analysis is supports for NTFS only (which is the default for new drives).

Adaptive Local Caching
  • A Unique Cache
    • The local cache is a brand new kind of cache. It's custom designed to keep your most frequently used data cached locally for faster performance.
  • An Adaptive Cache
    • Choose how much data you would like to cache locally on one of your local drives.
    • Over time, StableBit CloudDrive learns which data you access most often and keeps that data stored locally.
    • The cache is not limited to caching whole files. Parts of files can also be cached, based on your usage over time.
  • A Resizable Cache
    • The size of the local cache is unlimited.
    • You can change the size of the cache at any time, in real-time.
    • There's no need to unmount your drive to change the cache size, the new cache size is applied instantly.
  • A Fast Cache
    • The local cache runs fully in the kernel, and is custom designed to be fast and efficient.
Predictive Prefetching
  • Prediction
    • StableBit CloudDrive comes with a prefetcher that detects sequential data access and downloads data that you're about to access, before you need it.
  • Streaming Media
    • The prefetcher is perfect for streaming media directly from your cloud drive.
    • For example, when you play a video from your drive, the prefetcher will start to pre-download data that is about to be read, offering you a smooth playback experience. *
  • Optimize It
    • The prefetcher comes with reasonable defaults that should work fine with any broadband connection to the Internet, but you can optimize them to get the maximum performance from your cloud drive.
    • Tweak the number of downloads that happen in parallel, how much data gets prefetched, as well as other settings.

* Provided that your Internet connection has enough download bandwidth.

Metadata Pinning
  • Fast Mounting
    • StableBit CloudDrive includes a stand-alone NTFS parser that can pin file system metadata, the invisible data structures that make your file system work, to the local cache.
    • This ensures that your drive mounts quickly without the need to download anything from the cloud.
  • Fast Directory Listings
    • StableBit CloudDrive can pin NTFS directory indexes to the local cache too.
    • This means that when you browse the contents of your drive, nothing needs to be downloaded from the cloud.
Data Integrity
  • Checksum Verification
    • StableBit CloudDrive detects the corruption of your data while it's stored in the cloud. *
    • Every chunk of data that StableBit CloudDrive downloads from your cloud provider is checked against a checksum, ensuring that the data downloaded has not changed since it was uploaded.
  • Upload Verification
    • For added peace of mind, upload verification ensures that the data uploaded can be retrieved correctly at upload time.
    • Upload verification will automatically retry corrupted uploads until they are successful.
    • This will consume additional bandwidth and is disabled by default, but can be enabled for mission critical data.

* The detection of corrupted data happens when the data is downloaded. Active scanning for corrupted data can be achieved when used together with the StableBit Scanner.

A Real Drive
  • Full Plug and Play Support
    • Over a year of development work went into designing from scratch a full kernel drive implementation, specifically designed to integrate StableBit CloudDrive into the Microsoft Windows Operating System at the lowest level possible.
    • StableBit CloudDrive emulates a real SCSI drive with full Plug and Play support.
    • To Microsoft Windows, and any applications running on it, this looks like a real disk, giving you the maximum possible compatibility.
    • No wimpy shell extensions and no network redirectors are involved.
  • A Resizable Drive
    • A cloud drive can be sized from 128 MB to 1 PB. *
    • A cloud drive has the unique ability to be resized on-line.
    • You can shrink or expand your drive at any time without unmounting it, even while it's being accessed.

* Currently, the maximum NTFS volume size is 256 TB in Microsoft Windows. You can pool multiple cloud drives together into one larger virtual pool using StableBit DrivePool in order to bypass this limit. Drives smaller than 128 MB or larger than 256 TB (up to 1PB) can be created but must be formatted manually.

Use It With StableBit DrivePool
  • Pool Multiple Cloud Drives Into One
    • Because StableBit CloudDrive creates what look like real drives, you can easily use StableBit DrivePool to combine multiple cloud drives into one large virtual pool drive.
  • File Duplication
    • For mission critical data, you can enable file duplication on any folder and its files will be duplicated across multiple cloud providers for added redundancy.
  • File Organization
    • With StableBit DrivePool's file placement feature, you can even control which folders should be stored on which cloud providers.
  • Create a Cloud / Local Hybrid Drive
    • Using StableBit DrivePool you can create a new pool drive which consists of a mix of local drives and cloud drives.
    • With StableBit DrivePool's file placement you can control which folders should be stored in the cloud and which ones should be stored locally.
Not Just For The Cloud
  • Use It Locally Too
    • StableBit CloudDrive comes with local and file share providers that let you create cloud drives that store their data on a local drive or a file share on your local network.
    • This enables some very cool uses for StableBit CloudDrive that may not involve the cloud at all.
  • Create Local Encrypted Containers
    • You can create a new fully encrypted cloud drive and have the encrypted data stored on another local drive of your choice, or even on your local network.
    • You can easily mount and unmount these encrypted drives at any time.
    • Since the encrypted data is simply stored in a few files, you can easily move or copy the encrypted data to another computer or take it with you on the go, it's your choice.
  • SSD Optimize Your Drives
    • You can create a new cloud drive and have its data stored on a local drive (or even a pool created by StableBit DrivePool), while its cache would be stored on a much faster and smaller SSD.
    • Since the cache in StableBit CloudDrive is adaptive, it will automatically keep your most frequently accessed data on the faster SSD, increasing the performance of your overall cloud drive.
    • Because your cloud drive can be up to 1 PB in size, you have room to grow.
    • You can easily upgrade your cache SSD to a bigger one by detaching your cloud drive from it and then reattaching it to a different SSD.
Other Features
  • Responsive UI
    • A modern UI that's designed to stay out of the way.
  • Remote Control
    • Easily connect to any other copy of StableBit CloudDrive running on your local network in order to manage your drives.
    • Fully secure using standard Kerberos Windows Authentication.
  • Automatic Updating
    • Updates are digitally signed to prevent tampering and ensure authenticity.
    • The StableBit Cloud pushes updates to you in real-time as soon as they're released using the Live Connection protocol.
StableBit Cloud


  • Dashboard
    • Monitor the health and activity of your devices using a real-time interactive dashboard.
  • Notifications
    • Get notified as soon as anything goes wrong:
      • On your Apple and Android devices with our mobile apps.
      • Through the web browser (using web push).
      • Over email.
      • With worldwide SMS.
      • Or via Twitter.
  • Statistics
    • Browse through historical statistics and monitor incoming metrics in real-time.
  • Live Connection
    • A live bidirectional connection to the StableBit Cloud servers enables enhanced real-time communication capabilities and features.
  • Application Settings Synchronization
    • Backs up your settings and persistent application state to the cloud and synchronizes them with other applications connected to the same StableBit Cloud account.
  • Enhanced Update Delivery
    • Enhanced update delivery supports multiple release channels and leverages the StableBit Cloud to deliver updates to you in real-time as soon as they're released.
  • Centralized License Management
    • Centralized license management lets you manage all of your licenses from one place. Apps are automatically activated and deactivated as necessary, making licensing simple.

Some features require a StableBit Cloud+ subscription.

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