A state of the art disk pooling application with file duplication.


Combines multiple physical hard drives into one large virtual drive.
Stores everything in standard NTFS (or ReFS) files.


Lets you designate any folder as a duplicated folder.
In case one drive fails, your duplicated files remain safe.


Easily select which disks will be used to store files in any folder.
Speed up your pool by placing performance sensitive files on SSDs.


Seamlessly encrypt and store some or all of your pooled files in the cloud.


Over the years people have told us that they love our products and our customer support.

Scanner has saved my bacon on at least 3 separate occasions! Most recently, I had one of my 3Tb Seagate drives develop uncorrectable sectors. By past experience, I've learned that when a drive starts to develop "badsectoritis", it is usually starting a downward spiral if you will. Through the instant alert of Scanner and ease of DrivePool, I was able to remove this 1 of 8 3Tb drives in my pool with no downtime and no loss of data!!!! I love this software!

- Brad
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