A secure virtual hard drive, powered by the cloud.

A Real Drive

Creates a virtual hard drive that is indistinguishable from a real drive.
Stores the actual data in the cloud provider of your choice (or locally).

Amazon S3
Backblaze B2
File Share
Google Cloud Storage
Google Drive
Local Disk
Microsoft Azure Storage
OneDrive for Business
Rackspace Cloud Files

Trust No One Encryption

Everything can be encrypted using industry standard AES-256, with a key that only you know.
No one can snoop on or access your data without your knowledge.

Adaptive Caching

Learns which data you access most frequently and stores it locally for faster access.

Also featuring prefetching, metadata pinning and much more.
See the Features page for more details.

Over the years people have told us that they love our products and our customer support.

Scanner has saved my bacon on at least 3 separate occasions! Most recently, I had one of my 3Tb Seagate drives develop uncorrectable sectors. By past experience, I've learned that when a drive starts to develop "badsectoritis", it is usually starting a downward spiral if you will. Through the instant alert of Scanner and ease of DrivePool, I was able to remove this 1 of 8 3Tb drives in my pool with no downtime and no loss of data!!!! I love this software!

- Brad
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