An advanced hard disk surface scanner, monitor and more.

StableBit Scanner 2.6.2 is now available for Download.

Now with dark mode support.


Continuously scans all of your hard drives,
ensuring that every precious bit remains readable


Monitors the on-disk health parameters at all times
and informs you at the first sign of trouble

Damage Assessment

Tells you exactly which files were damaged
when damage is detected

File Recovery

Attempts partial or full recovery of damaged files


Over the years people have told us that they love our products and our customer support.

Just a note to say a huge thanks from a very satisfied customer and long-term user of both StableBit DrivePool and StableBit Scanner. The software itself is rock solid and incredibly flexible and easy to use. It's full of features that I didn't even know about at purchase time but would now be unable to manage without. Both scanner and drivepool have saved me from significant potential data loss during the time I have been using them with absolutely zero drama. Just worked. Best software purchase I have ever made! In addition, the communication and customer support has been outstanding. Even though I have asked some irritatingly simple and also rather complex questions they have always been dealt with quickly, professionally and in a friendly manner. Huge credit to Drashna on the forums for this. It's such an important thing and is the reason I've just bought Clouddrive even though I don't really need it yet - I know it will be excellent at what it does, and well supported when I decide to start using it.

- Farhaan
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