A state of the art disk pooling application with file duplication.


Combines multiple physical hard drives into one large virtual drive.
Stores everything in standard NTFS files.


Lets you designate any folder as a duplicated folder.
In case one drive fails, your duplicated files remain safe.


Easily select which disks will be used to store files in any folder.
Speed up your pool by placing performance sensitive files on SSDs.


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While I prefer Linux over Windows for server deployments DrivePool is absolutely perfect for SOHO/Home servers if you value your time. DrivePool stores all of your data in hidden folders across your drives no propriety splitting of your data occurs. I recently inserted the DrivePool HDD's in my desktop (Linux) and moved 4TB of data to my SOHO server flawlessly. The K.I.S.S philosophy is genius, if you decide move the hard drives from the pool to a new server and install DrivePool it will automatically setup the pool. Scanner is also brilliant; input your email, setup scan times and you will receive S.M.A.R.T notifications. The biggest problem with RAID for SOHO is the hardware lock in, StableBit DrivePool solves this problem and allows me piece of mind.

- Mr. Z
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