User Manual
StableBit DrivePool 2.X
A state of the art disk pooling application with file duplication.

Balancing Settings

(Build 906)

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Time of Day to Balance

  • Do not balance automatically

    • Balancing will never be performed automatically. You can still start a manual balancing pass from the Pool Organization Bar, and plug-ins can still force an immediate balancing pass (if you have that enabled).

  • Balance immediately

    • Balancing will be performed immediately given that the balancing triggers are satisfied.

      You can optionally specify that you don't want to balance more often than some time interval.

  • Balance every day at ...

    • Balancing will evaluate the triggers at the time specified and begin a balancing pass if the triggers are satisfied.

When is Balancing Necessary?

Automatic balancing only starts if the balancing ratio or the amount of data that needs to be moved satisfy the balancing triggers (see About Balancing)

Plug-in Overrides

Balancing plug-ins can override your set up balancing time and balancing triggers by requesting an immediate balancing pass. For example, if the StableBit Scanner detects that one of your pooled disks is damaged it instructs StableBit DrivePool to begin an immediate file evacuation balancing pass.

File Placement Settings

File placement settings define what happens when one or more balancing plug-ins are in conflict with file placement settings.

For example, if you tell the Drive Usage Limiter to never place unduplicated files on drive C:\ and at the same time you define a file placement rule that placed all files in an unduplicated folder \ServerFolders\Downloads on drive C:\, then you've just created a rule conflict.

  • File placement rules respect real-time file placement limits set by the balancing plug-ins

    • When checked, if a balancing plug-in is not allowing new files to be placed on one or more disks (such as when the StableBit Scanner balancing plug-in has chosen to evacuate a disk), all file placement rules will respect this limit.

  • Balancing plug-ins respect file placement rules

    • When checked, files will not be reordered in a way that violates file placement limits even if the balancing plug-ins request to do so, unless the drive is being emptied and Unless the drive is being emptied is checked.

When a file placement rule cannot be satisfied due to a conflict with the balancing plug-ins or insufficient free space, it will be noted in the pool organization bar and on the File Placement tab of the balancing window.

See File Placement for more information about File Placement Warnings.

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