User Manual
StableBit DrivePool 2.X
A state of the art disk pooling application with file duplication.

Balancing Plug-ins

(Build 906)

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Balancing plug-ins can be configured from the Balancers tab in the balancing window.

Balancing plug-ins are ordered by priority. Balancing plug-ins towards the top of the list have greater control over the final balancing model. For example, let's say that the Duplication Space Optimizer plug-in decides to move some data onto the F: drive, but the StableBit Scanner has detected that the F: drive is failing. In this case, because the StableBit Scanner is above the Duplication Space Optimize, it will override the Duplication Space Optimizer's request and deny that data move.

Each balancing plug-in may have additional settings that you can configure. Just select a plug-in to see its settings.

In addition, you can disable a plug-in by unchecking the check box next to it (or double clicking on it).

Some plug-ins may not have any configurable settings, but nevertheless they perform some functions.

Default Plug-ins

StableBit DrivePool 2.X comes with a number of plug-ins out of the box.

  • StableBit Scanner
    • This plug-in is designed to work in conjunction with the StableBit Scanner version 2.2 and newer. It performs automatic file evacuation from damaged drives and temperature control.

      In order to start evacuating your files immediately after damage is detected on one of your disks, this plug-in will start an immediate balancing pass regardless of what time of day it is or what the current balancing ratio is.

  • Volume Equalization

    • This balancer is responsible to equalizing the disk space used on multiple volumes that reside on the same physical disk. it has no user configurable settings.

  • File Placement Limiter

    • This plug-in lets you designate which disks are allowed to store unduplicated vs. duplicated files. It doesn't do anything unless you change its settings to limit file placement on a disk.

  • Prevent Drive Overfill

    • This plug-in tries to keep an empty buffer of free space on each drive part of the pool in order to facilitate existing file expansion.

  • Duplication Space Optimizer

    • This plug-in examines the current data distribution on all of your pooled disks and decides if some data needs to be rebalanced in order to provide optimal disk space availability for duplicated files (see About Balancing for more information).

Additional Plug-ins

You can visit to install additional balancing plug-ins for added functionality, or to get information on how you can build your own balancing plug-in.

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