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StableBit CloudDrive
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(Build 1051)

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OpenDrive has not passed our stringent data consistency testing and is marked as an experimental storage provider.

Use caution when using OpenDrive.

Please provide any payment information to the storage provider, we do not charge you anything extra for storage when you use StableBit CloudDrive.

If you're having trouble connecting to this storage provider, check their service status page to see if they are experiencing issues.

See: Storage Provider Service Status



OpenDrive is an experimental storage provider in StableBit CloudDrive. In order to show experimental storage providers, open Options > Troubleshooting > and check Show experimental providers.

Use experimental storage providers for testing purposes only.

To connect to OpenDrive:

  • Click Connect... in StableBit CloudDrive.

  • Enter your OpenDrive User Name and Password and click Save.