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StableBit CloudDrive
A secure virtual hard drive, powered by the cloud.


(Build 1051)

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Service link:


Business Pricing:

Please provide any payment information to the storage provider, we do not charge you anything extra for storage when you use StableBit CloudDrive.

If you're having trouble connecting to this storage provider, check their service status page to see if they are experiencing issues.

See: Storage Provider Service Status


To connect to Dropbox:

  • Click Connect... in StableBit CloudDrive.

    A web page should open on your computer. If it doesn't, see Connect Manually.

  • (optional) Log into your Dropbox account, if you're not logged in already.

  • Click Allow.

  • StableBit CloudDrive should now be automatically authorized to use Dropbox. If you don't see Authorized in StableBit CloudDrive, follow the instructions below to Connect Manually.

    StableBit CloudDrive can connect to multiple accounts at the same time. You can give this connection a unique name so that you can identify it later.

    The storage provider user name is a good choice for a connection name.

Connect Manually

If your web browser is not configured to open web site links, or if you wish to use a different web browser other than the default one, you can connect manually like this:

  • Click Connect manually....

  • Click Copy link.

  • Open a web browser and paste the link into the address bar and navigate to that web site.

  • Follow the instructions above and use the web site to connect to the storage provider.

  • At the end, you will be given a Secret Code.

  • Copy the secret code from the web page and paste it into StableBit CloudDrive. Then click Connect.