User Manual
StableBit Scanner 2.X
An innovative disk surface scanner, disk health monitor and file recovery system.

Advanced Settings and Information

(Build 3096)

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This tab contains a number of options to enable different levels of logging. Specifically, the useful part here is verbose logging for different components. However, these logs can be incredibly verbose and create very large log files, very quickly. This can also impact performance, as StableBit Scanner will be writing a lot more to the disk.

This window also includes a link to the log folder, for easy access.

This section should only be changed if instructed by Support.

Configuration Properties

This section contains a lot of advanced settings that control how the program works (including how it queries SMART data). These are hidden for a reason. Some of these settings can adversely affect the program's behavior, and even adversely affect the system's performance and stability.

Because of the precarious nature of these settings, we are not listing them here. If you wish to find out more about them, or feel that you need to use these settings, please contact Support, who will direct you to the settings and recommend which ones you may need to use.

These setting should not be altered unless you know what you are doing, or have been directed to do so by Support