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# 27481

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StableBit DrivePool
Windows Server 2012 R2

* [Issue #27481] Added file system tags to disk tooltips and the pool pie chart.
* [Issue #27481] Added additional .config settings for file system reporting:
    - CoveFs_ReportAsNtfs (not new) - Always reports as NTFS.
    - CoveFs_ReportAsRefs - Always reports as ReFS.
    - CoveFs_ReportAsPoolPartFileSystem (default) - Reports as the file system of the pool parts. If CoveFs_AllowMixedFilesystems is enabled and 
      the pool consists of mixed file systems, then it will report as "CoveFS".
    - If none of the above are enabled, will report as "CoveFS".
* [D] [Issue #27481] The pool will now report the file system of the pool parts (ReFS vs NTFS).