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# 26034

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StableBit CloudDrive

* [Issue #26034] Added support for 3rd party Amazon S3 compatible service providers.
    - When connecting to Amazon S3, you can now choose to use an Amazon S3 region or enter a custom service URL.
    - Selecting an Amazon S3 region when creating a new drive is no longer necessary. Region selection is now per
      connection. Older drives with regions selected will continue to work as before.
    - For custom service URLs, new advanced provider settings are available 
      (%PROGRAMDATA%\StableBit CloudDrive\ProviderSettings.json):
        - ForcePathStyle (bool): [true] Force path style API calls.
        - SignatureVersion (string): [null] Can be set to "2" for legacy servers, defaults to auto.
        - SignatureMethod (string): [null] Can be set to "HmacSHA1" or "HmacSHA256", defaults to auto.

Support for Amazon S3 Compatible services.