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StableBit DrivePool
Windows 10 (64 bit)

Yeah, that's by design.

We should add a feature called "file placement strategy", it would have perhaps these options:

Place new files on:
  • The disk with the most free disk space. (i.e. by bytes)
  • The disk with the least percentage of data on it. (i.e. by percent)
  • [Check] Prefer disks with existing folders on them.
    • Unless the disk is X full or has Y amount of disk space free.

Yes, exactly, DrivePool always uses the disk with the most free space without real-time limits.

And it does do that from what I've just tested.


Here, I've started copying 100 to 200 MB files onto the pool, enough to start filling all the drives.

At first it started balancing over to E:\, then to I:\, then equalizing to all the pool parts.

Balancing settings are: