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I've updated BitFlock to properly report the read / written bytes for that drive. Looks like that measurement is actually in units of 32 MB so in reality the values were much higher than originally reported.

That info will come down to all the Scanner versions automatically within 7 days or you can force a manual update at the bottom of the SMART window.

I've also added manufacturer provided technical data for that drive as well.

The reallocation even count on that particular disk seems unusual to me, I've looked at other disks in that group and they don't have any reallocation events.  So I'll leave that as a warning.

As far as the wear leveling count, well, that does seem high if we take it at face value but that actually is what the drive is reporting. I don't see that the value itself is useful in determining the "percent life remaining" of the SSD.

For example, we have a PLEXTOR PX-128M5Pro disk in the system that has been running for 1 year, 75 days, it had 105 TB written to it. Its Reallocation Event Count is 0, Wear Leveling Count is at 1,094,299 (but still reporting 100% healthy), and Available Reserved Space at 100%.

It seems like the Wear Leveling Count is not ever dropping below 100 %, at least I have yet to see one. So I can't use that as an indicator for percent life remaining for that drive.